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Since last update we've killed Emperor Ssraeshza twice and finished our first Vex Thal raid tonight. VT is a long raid but everyone stayed frosty and got it done

Spent some time on launch day to key up and kill this guy. Great work by all


Got some new gear and our first raid mount

Many ask what makes MIM unique. The truth is we're a guild that has been around for the better part of 20 years. We've played in a variety of games, from it's origins in Ultima Online, to Everquest, World of Warcraft, Vanguard, and many more. Over time many have come and gone within the guild, but that uniqueness about MIM is we have long lasting friendships that come as a result. We are a group of friends who support each other in and out of the games we play. Make no mistake, we are a top level raiding guild, but we also have mastered that balance between what is important outside of game while maintaining a high degree of play inside the game.

We have friends new and old in MIM, and about 15 of us gathered in Las Vegas recently to spend time together outside of game and further those friendships. If you're looking for a guild that owns life as hard as we do raids, you might just want to consider MIM. Just saying....

First Dinner Out
For those who know MIM, they know we are family. We strive to be a top tier raiding guild in any game we roll in, but we always make it a point to have fun and believe our members and their families come first. We have been fortunate to have been together for almost 20 years now. Over that time new members have come, some members go, but we're always family. During my time with MIM, I have had the pleasure of getting to know a number of amazing people.

It is with a heavy heart that MIM learned this week we lost one of our own. A great guildmate and friend, Kyar, lost his battle with cancer. He truly was willing to help anyone within the guild who needed it. His humor was a bright spot for the guild, and his friendship to many was important. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family he has left behind. Though many of the bonds we form are through the chat channels, voice servers, and pixels on a computer screen, they truthfully are as valuable as any other bonds we form through out life.

A dark day for MIM on the Phinigel server. May our friend rest in peace.

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What a crazy day yesterday was.
Going about my way getting ready to be responsible IRL when the call went out..
Well.. Being responsible didn't happen :D
Neither did the Guilds Kunark raids.
But what did happen?
SERVER FIRST: Telkorenar, and Gozzrem!
What else happened? SERVER FIRST "72" Man AVATAR OF WAR!!
First try you say?
What else?
EQ000540.jpg EQ000538.jpg EQ000532.jpg
Vindicator, Statue, and Idol of Rallos Zek slaughtered!!
What a night... Fighting AoW was probably the most heart pumping moment I've had since coming back to EQ.
Speaking of coming back to EQ! Tomorrow is MIM's one year anniversary since we formed up for the progression servers.
So I'll be the first to say...
Happy EARLY Anniversary MIM!!!